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Choppy Choppy

Sundried Tomatoes and Feta Cheese spicy condiment.


A combination of mixed bell peppers adds a dash of Mediterranean flavour.

Pele Pele
Extra Hot

A hot little combination of chillies and basil.


The soul of food, food for the soul

Our food is like the kiss of your soul mate;
something made specially for you;
full of the taste of laughter on your tongue
and the moment a smile touches your lips with the joy of pure pleasure,
we’ll know all the love we put into make every mouth full
has been worth it.

About us

At Nourish With Love, we are a collective of people conscious of the products we manufacture and package for our consumers. We focus on nourishing lives with the food we produce that is of course made with love.  Nourish With Love thrives on the ethos “Enthusiasm for life, love for food and love for people”.

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“Best soup I’ve ever eaten! Tasty and healthy, it couldnt be better than this!!”

Nicole Lazari

“My wife says their Pea and Pesto soup is the best soup she’s ever tasted which says a lot because she makes a mean soup!
I am very partial to the mild “Choppy Choppy” and have had rave reviews from all my colleagues who have tried both the soups and condiments.”

Craig Nain

“Amazingly tasty soups 🙂 I love the fact that they don’t have preservatives.”

Baradzanwa Mataruse

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